A. -To people with Children Home, Senior Citizen home and Mental Retardation home, Swadhar Greh home by providing them lifelong free food, clothing and shelter and medical facility with occupational therapy.

B. -To maintain Orphanage for the Orphan, Semi Orphan and Poor Children and the Child conflict with law (CCL) provide accommodation, shelter food and provision clothing, medical care, education and rehabilitation in life.

C.-To establish promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance and to help in the setting up, maintaining and running Orphanages Senior Citizen Home, Swadhar Greh home, lunatic asylums, poor home and other establishments for the relief and help for the poor, old and destitute.

D. -To establish Children home for Orphans, Destitute and the poor.

E. -To establish rehabilitation center for the poor Children.

F. -To provide food, medicine and other help and assistance of any shape or form to the poor deserving and needy persons.

G. -To establish and run research centers for the improvement of Education and general purpose.

H. -To establish and run sports clubs to train the citizen and general public in athletics, sports and games.

I. -To provide and render helps and assistance in cash or kind to poor destitute, Swadhar Greh etc.

J. -To seek and get affiliation of the various educational institutions run by the Trust.

K. -To promote the knowledge of Education and Culture of all kinds for the purpose establish Nursery, primary, Secondary School and Higher Secondary schools, Technical, Medical and Paramedical institutions for the benefit of the public which are not to the run for profit.

L. -The establishment can contribute to Educational and Cultural Institutions, Colleges, School, Libraries and Reading Room etc.,

M. -The assist in the Establishment for Maintenance or Running or Improving and extending of general, commercial and technical educational institutions, Elementary school, High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools and other Art-craft and Technical and Training Institutions for the general public.

N. -To run services shops like Book Shops, Canteen and such other Establishments to service the Institutions Established by the Trust.

O. -To maintain and run Hospital Boarding Houses Libraries, Reading Rooms and other Training and Vocational Institutions.

P. -To foster and Encourage Education and Training in Hand-Crafts, Fine Arts among women folk in general and establish institutions imparting spiritual and secular Educational.

Q. -To acquire movable and immovable propertied by purchase, Lease, Hire, Exchange or otherwise and to put down, erect, alter and maintain building for carrying out the activities of the Trust.

R. -To conduct poor feeding and generally provides food, clothing and shelter to the poor and needy and provide relief to people in times of distress, natural calamities like Earthquake, Flood, Famine and Accidents..

S. -To construct, maintain and run community halls for conducting meetings, seminars, conferences discourses and conduct of public functions like marriages and the like in the name of the Trust. T. -To promote Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama etc.,

U. -To conduct programs of spiritual Awareness.

V. -To practice Sidha System of Medical Treatment and Services..

W. -To create social Forestry.

X. -To educate general public to give Blood Donation, Eye Donation, Kidney Donation etc.

Y. -To conduct Adult Education, Spiritual, Philosophy, Medical and other Educations.

Z. -To conduct pranic healing services, Spiritual, Social Natural Awareness and Environment Awareness with Adult Education and Free Education to Village People.

Universal Peace Foundation

Universal Peace Foundation

Universal Peace Foundation

Universal Peace Foundation

Universal Peace Foundation